Our Procedures

Process 1

The products are harvested by our producers that are located mainly in the eastern side of Antioquia.

Process 2

The products arrive to our plant in special trucks for food transportation, each raw material is weighed and verified during delivery since it must comply with the quality standards: size, physical damage, degree of ripeness, color, among others.

Process 3

Fruits and vegetables are washed with plenty of water and soap to remove dirt or soil that these types of products naturally have.

Process 4

The Adaptation stage includes selection (manual check), peeling (manual or mechanical), seed extraction, some cuts, among other procedures carried out manually.  

Process 5

The microbial load is reduced to ensure the elimination of any pathogens using special disinfectants for the food industry.

Process 6

Fruits and vegetables are processed according to the customer's requirements: dicing, julienne, grating, slicing, ground, heat treatment, mixing of ingredients if they require one of our mixes, among others.

Counter Sample Taking
Process 7

In each production batch, a counter sample is taken to the laboratory to analyze and evaluate the quality levels (shelf life, Brix degrees, pH, color and texture), ensuring that the final product will meet our customers’ expectations.

Process 8

The cut products are packed in polyethylene bags and hermetically sealed to guarantee shelf life and to preserve the freshness and flavor characteristics of each product.

Process 9

The finished product is stored in a refrigerated cellar with a capacity of 20 tons. The storage temperature is 2 to 4°C.

Process 10

The finished product is transported in refrigerated vehicles since it is of utmost importance for our products to maintain an uninterrupted cold chain.