We are an agro-business processing fruit and vegetables, that are ready to eat or to be used as raw material in the industrial processes.

We are a trusted supplier of brands recognized at a national level. We are specialize in the processing of fruits and vegetables into ingredients for the food industry, food services and retail with ready-to-eat products.

With more than 15 years of experience we are a reliable company and a strategic partner for food companies in Colombia.

Picados® was created to recover a region affected by armed conflict and violence. Today, our company provides employment and generates entrepreneurship opportunities for farmers, women who are households heads and vulnerable populations displaced by violence.

We are focused on giving back to communities, starting with our employees and partners.
We are committed to offering social and family development programs to improve the welfare of those who we work with us, it’s a company philosophy that guides everything we do across the network of our business, from farms and factories, to workers and their families.

We add value with:

Our Social Commitment:

  • We contribute to the development of our producers, our employees and our communities.
  • We pay fair prices to farmers for their harvest.
  • We promote to revitalise the Colombian rural economy
  • We generate employment for marginalized groups: 70% of our employees are women and 30% are people who where displaced by violence
  • We support the training processes of the farmers around us and we generate employment opportunities among them.

The quality of our products and processes:

  • We offer healthy and pathogen-free food.
  • We comply with the HACCP certification, wich provides extra security to our customers.
  • We give customers the opportunity to learn about the origin of our products and our processes.

Benefits and attributes for business:

  • Focus on the CORE of your business and save time with:
    – Ready-to-use ingredients.
    – Resources for kitchen assembly.
    – Streamlined pre-operational processes.
  • We help you take care of your consumers with fresh and healthy products.
  • Improve your brand reputation by supporting farmers.
  • Rely on a trusted partner.
    – Freshness
    – Convenience
    – Homogeneity
    – Waste use

Our story as a source of inspiration:

We are one of the thousands of Colombian farming families who were displaced by armed conflict, and, since 2005, when we were able to return to our fields, we are doing our best to revitalize the countryside with a stable source of income for the most vulnerable people in our community.

From the very beginning we realized that we had to generate added value in order to impact the agricultural business and therefore, we set out to turn natural, fresh and processed products into strategic solutions for the food industry.

Some say that our story is about overcoming situations, but we prefer to see it as a source of inspiration.

We overcome the darkness of violence strengthened by the light of love.
We encourage neighboring families because we believe in the potential of the fields.

We learn and evolve every day because we are not afraid of change.

We take care of the environment because we consider ourselves children of the earth. We offer fresh products harvested with high agriculture standards, because we want to spread vitality.

And we work hard but always cheerful doing it for a better future for all.


We are located in the middle of the Colombian countryside